First Look at Hanbury Wedding Barn

Hanbury Wedding Barn Breakfast room
Hanbury court yard

Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing the first wedding at  Hanbury Wedding Barn.

The team decided to host the first wedding only 7 months after the work had started and they nailed it on so many levels!
Even though there are a few things to tickle up such as outside landscaping, the team plan to have everything in place for the next wedding in July.

Despite this, the inside is simply gorgeous. Classy with a touch of rustic and plenty of natural light.

If you would like to see a tour of the place on the wedding day, pop over to my Facebook page 


The Bridal Prep Room

Hanbury wedding barn makeup side

The Bridal prep room is spacious, filled with natural light (which will definitely please your make up artist and photographer).
On one side there are 4 high chairs with mirrors and lights for make up and hair plus a bathroom with a shower. There is also a sitting area with a coffee and tea station or if you prefer, there is a fridge to keep your fizz chilled.

The Ceremony Room

The ceremony room is just stunning. The mix of exposed bricks, oak beams and stones on the floor is a perfect combination of materials for a classy rustic look. The end of the room has an elevated floor to make sure every guest gets a good view on the happy couple. Natural light enters from both sides of the room as well as the ceiling.

The Breakfast Room

Hanbury Wedding Barn Breakfast room

The breakfast room is built and decorated in the same style as the ceremony room with exposed brickwork and oak beams.
At a later date, a bigger breakfast room will be added and this will only be used for the evening do.

Hanbury wedding

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